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Send us your photo and we'll make you your own custom figurine Made To Look Like You! Your friends and family will envy, show your loved one you care, and absolutely stun you with it's Incredible Likeness! Each figurine is an original creation, handmade by our team of highly talented professional sculptors and artists.
custom figurines for him
CUSTOM FIGURINE FOR MEN "The great thing about personalized gifts ideas for your loved one is that they're as special as the person giving them." MicroDwarf custom and personalized caricature his figurines make anniversary gifts for him, personalized birthday gifts for him, personalized present ideas for him, personalized graduation gifts for him, romantic present for him, valentine surprise gift idea for him, boyfriend gifts ideas, personalized great husband gifts, boss gift, father's day presents ideas, best students gifts, personalized teacher presents, personalized gifts for your best friends, personalized presents for your brothers... See All Man Bodies >>
custom figurines for her
CUSTOM FIGURINE FOR WOMEN "A personalized gift directly from the heart speaks louder than words and can express much more." MicroDwarf custom and personalized caricature her figurines make personalized anniversary gifts for her, personalized birthday present for her, personalized graduation gifts for her, personalized Christmas and holiday presents for her, personalized romantic gifts for her, personalized valentine present ideas for her, personalized girlfriend gifts, personalized great wife gifts, personalized mother's day gifts ideas, personalized gifts for your best friends, personalized presents for your sisters...
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custom figurines for couple
CUSTOM FIGURINE FOR COUPLE Are you looking for an unique and personalized memorable presents for the couple, your spouse or your loved one? All wedding anniversaries are one of the most special moments in a married life. Marriage that has stood trials, ups and downs, tests & temptations. The Wedding Anniversary Gift has to be extra ordinary. Take a look at these MicroDwarf handmade personalized caricature figurines made to look like them. It's the most unique and romantic personalized wedding anniversary gift idea for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th wedding anniversary presents, valentines presents, personalized wedding anniversary gifts ideas for your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, that will be come treasured keepsakes for years to come... See All Couple Bodies >>
custom wedding figurines

CUSTOM WEDDING CAKE TOPPERS "Custom Cake Toppers make your wedding day enormously impressive and unforgettable." MicroDwarf custom and personalized caricature figurines make anniversary cake topper, wedding cake topper, cat cake topper, wedding cake dog topper idea, firefighter wedding cake topper, military cake topper, marine wedding cake toppers, Harley Davidson wedding cake toppers, humorous wedding cake toppers, monogram wedding cake top, golf wedding cake toppers, funny wedding cake toppers, blonde wedding cake topper idea, western wedding cake toppers idea, Chinese wedding cake toppers idea, medieval wedding cake topper idea, navy wedding cake topper idea, birthday cake toppers idea, Christmas cake toppers idea, wedding anniversary cake toppers, customized wedding cake toppers...
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custom occuptation figurines

CUSTOM OCCUPATION FIGURINE Unique Personalized Occupation Gifts Ideas. A personalized figurines for accountants, attorneys, teachers, bankers, businessmen, ceo, chiropractors, clergy, coaches, cops, police, dentist, doctors, executives, fireman, firefighter, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, pilots, policemen, school teachers.
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