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MicroDwarf Custom Figurines Reseller Program

We're excited about your interest in becoming a MicroDwarf Custom Figurines reseller!

Customize and re-sell our custom-made figurines to your customers. A lucrative program for retail shop owners, internet shop owners and wedding or event planners! If you do not have a website or shop, you can still resell our product. We enable individuals and companies to resell our product to family, friends, catalog distribution or mail order. You can be your own boss, work in your own time, and earn what you deserve!

You sell, we fulfill...

Our Reseller Program is a way that you can resell to your own customers. We, your supplier, handle manufacturing and shipment. You save time and money by focusing on sales and customer care to make the most of your business.

As a MicroDwarf Reseller, you'll get:

35% OFF Discount - You'll get 35% discount off our online selling prices. You can mark up your own retail prices for your profit as you wish. Every time you sell an item, you keep your profit and just pay us the discounted price and shipping cost only.

FREE Drop-ship in unbranded packaging - Don't want the hassle of repacking and posting products? Drop-ship instead. Simply tell us your customer's postage information when placing an order. We will deliver the product directly to your customer at no extra charge.

Your customer belongs to you forever - We do not solicit your customers. Our company name or contact information will NOT appear anywhere on the packaging or product itself. We can also put your own leaflet or promotional material inside the box. Just simply mail it to us.

FREE Sample Images Without Our Logo - You are free to use our sample images and literary on our website. Once you become a reseller, you will receive a confirmation email with link to download the updated product sample images without our logo. You can then add our product images to your own website and start selling!

Reseller's Easy Order Steps - You sell our product to your customers, collect the money and order information. You then turn around and place the order at your discounted price by emailing us your customer's photos to info@MicroDwarf.com along with order details (product's body style number) and shipping details (receiver name, shipping address and phone number).

Reseller's Payment Terms - Payment for all order must be paid at the time each order is placed. You can make your payment thru www.Paypal.com Our PayPal email is payment@microdwarf.com

100% Deductible Initial Deposit - To Join our Reseller Program is very simple and easy. To become our authorized reseller, all you need is to provide us your basic personal or business details, and pay a one-time non-refundable initial deposit of USD400. This deposit will be used to deduct from on your orders. Please make this payment thru www.PayPal.com Our PayPal email is payment@microdwarf.com

Get A FREE Custom Figurine Sample! - Not sure how amazing of our custom made figurines? Why not get one for yourself and your loved one by emailing us your photos? We offer one set of free sample (2 custom figurines) for our approved reseller. We think this is a good way for you to actually see and touch our products, and understanding our ordering process before you start selling. The shipping charges apply when shipping your free sample. This will deduct from your initial deposit. If you need more sample for display or promotion, you can order as many as you need at discounted prices.

Become A Reseller Today! - We're glad that you've decided to become a MicroDwarf reseller! Please complete and Email the Reseller Application below. You will then be contacted within 24 hours, and you're ready to get started!

MicroDwarf Reseller Application

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In which countries or cities are you planning to sell?

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caricature head / face Having a question regarding our products or services? Please send us an email to info@MicroDwarf.com