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indian wedding cake toppers

You Design It! We Make It!

100% Fully Custom Indian theme with your traditional attire and outfits and looks is a great personalized theme in wedding cake topper and cake decoration.

Each one will be created with Your ideas, Your designs, Your Photos and Your specifications. The cake topper is based on Your pictures or ideas. We can do anything you can imagine! It is designed to look like the bride and groom and includes custom wedding attire, shoes, hairstyle, veil and bouquet. You send in pictures of the couple including images of their clothes and or activities that they like to do, and we make a wedding cake topper based on your input. These are typically done in polymer clay and will last forever.

Price $300 (fully custom pose, custom clothes and custom heads).

Click here to view our "standard" premade body, price start at $158.00

  Create Your Fully Custom Wedding Cake Topper
Skin Color Chart
01 Light Asian
02 Medium Asian
03 Pinkish Pale
04 Lt. Caucasian
05 Dark Hispanic 06 Light Hispanic 07 Medium Hispanic  
09 Dark African 10 Light African 11 Medium African/Indian  
Hair Color Chart
01 Black
02 Dark Gray
03 Light Gray
04 White
05 Brown Black
06 Dark Brown
07 Brown
08 Light Brown
09 Dark Blonde
10 Medium Blonde
11 Blonde
12 Light Blonde
13 Reddish Brown 14 Fiery Red    
Eye Color Chart
01 Black
02 Gray
03 Brown
04 Blue
05 Green
06 Hazel

Completely Custom Made Indian Wedding Bride and Groom Figures (custom pose, custom clothes and custom heads)

Price: $300.00


Wedding Date (Month / Day / Year) e.g. December 19, 2010

Select Shipping Method:

Select Colors For Bride

Bride Skin Color

Bride Hair Color

Bride Eye Color

Select Colors For Groom

Groom Skin Color

Groom Hair Color

Groom Eye Color

Note: Email Your Picture (including photo of clothes, pose and or activities that you like to do) to and any special instruction. And shipping details (receiver name, shipping address and phone number). We recommend that you provide your daytime address (e.g. work address). Please note all orders require a signature on receipt. After you placed your order, an email order confirmation will be sent to you shortly.

Add Round Base +$15 (Optional):

Dimensions: 5.5" inches (14cm) diameter
Weight: 7.50 oz (0.47 lbs)
Material: polyresin

Base Color

Add Heart Base +$15 (Optional) :

Dimensions: 5.8" inches (14.5cm) width
Weight: 6.50 oz (0.40 lbs)
Material: polyresin

Add Gazebo Base +$25 (Optional) :

Display your cake topper on the gazebo base after the wedding.

Dimensions: Height 9" inches (23cm), Width 6.8" inches (17cm)
Weight: 36.00 oz (2.30 lbs)
Material: polyresin

Add Nameplate +$15 (Optional) :

Dimensions: 4" inches (10cm) width
Material: polyresin

Nameplate Color

First Names (Bride & Groom)

Wedding Date (Month / Day / Year) e.g. December 19, 2010

Add Custom made Pet (dog or cat) +$50 (Optional) :

Please email your pet picture to along with any special instruction.

Add Flower Girl Figurine +$50 (Optional):
(custom heads and premade bodies)

Girl Skin Color

Girl Hair Color

Girl Eye Color

Add A Vehicle (Car/Jeep/Truck/Motorcycle/Bike) +$150 (Optional) :

Please email your vehicle pictures to along with any special instruction.

Add A "Formula 1" Racing Road Base +$20 (Optional) :

International Orders
caricature head / face Having a question regarding our products or services? Please send us an email to


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